Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!

We are going to a Dr. Suess event this afternoon, and they have a costume contest!   I got to make a costume in March, instead of October for once!

Levi chose to be a Star-Belly Sneetch.

Ta da!!!

I made the poster while he was in music class. 

This costume has 3 layers.  First is a yellow jumpsuit, then is a "fat suit" (with a padded bum and belly), and last is the bubble romper type thing made from a towel!   He also has a white collar, striped neck (snapped scarf), hat, pointy shoes, and 3 fingered gloves.  

The jumpsuit took the longest out of everything.  Its been cold here (for Florida anyways) so he can wear it for lounging or pj's,  or music class, or whatever!   Its a loud color, but that suits my crazy boy! 

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