Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Emma and Eli Owl

One of Levi's little friends turns 1 this month, and her mom asked me to make her an owl shirt for her birthday.   Great timing because I was already planning on making an owl shirt for Levi. 
I really love to make these bright, bold appliques.  They are simple, yet have a big impact and are always fun.  

Here are the results!   "Emma and Eli Owl"

 Here is Levi in his shirt, I can't wait to see little Emma in hers!

I also made her a fun pennant birthday banner, which I think I will put in my shop again soon.   These make great birthday decoration, but can also be flipped over to the side without letters for a nice room decoration.     I also came up with a snapping system that allows the banner to be hung as one big line of pennants, or separated into smaller segments, in case you don't have one giant wall to hang the whole line of flags on!   This also makes loops for hanging, perfect use for those removable hooks from 3M.  

Happy Birthday Emma!  And thanks for the inspiration!

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