Monday, October 8, 2012

Archery and Gymnastics

Levi takes a homeschool archery class every other week.  He really enjoys it (probably because he is trusted with a real weapon).   And I like it, because they emphasize the safety aspect at the start of every single class.  And as a bonus, its a free class! 

He also takes a homeschool gymnastics class which is every week.  On archery days, they are back to back classes, but only a 2min drive apart, so its not so bad.  He has plenty of energy and then some for both!  

These are MUCH harder to get a good picture of!  The adults stay in a different room, with glass in between.   

One of his favorite things is doing flips, he loves the pit of giant blue cubes, which often leave blue fuzzys in his hair. 

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