Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Science and color mixing

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Today's Schoolwork:

Go to Mr Science Class at the rec center.

Today we made slime!

elmer's glue (white school glue)
borax (find this by the laundry soap)
baby oil (other oil will work too, whatever you have on hand is fine!)

Mix elmer's glue 50/50 with water, add food coloring if you would like. In another container, mix some borax with water - the more you put, the stiffer your slime will be, so start with a spoonful and you can add more if needed. You can add food coloring to this too and make it into a color mixing lesson.

Now mix the two solutions together and watch what happens!

Take out the resulting glob and kneed it to make sure everything is well mixed. Add a couple drops of oil and kneed some more. Store in an airtight container otherwise it will dry out.

In Mr. Science class, we held slime races by mixing slime with different consistencies (and different colors to help designate), place each blob in a funnel (ours were made from plastic bottles), and watch which one drips fastest. You can also put globs at the top of a wall, but probably try that one outside....

Other homeschool work for the day:

Cutting, using a Kumon workbook. Levi made a paper necklace.
Tracing letters (l, i, t)
and to extend our science project this morning, I had Levi do a color mixing experiment (I'm watching him do this now)

Color mixing:
small clear cups/containers (I used tupperware)
food coloring (red/yellow/blue)
eye dropper
color chart

Levi's assignment was to mix colors to figure out which 2 colors were needed to make green, orange and purple. We've done color mixing before, so he figured it out fairly quickly, but this is still always a fun experiment. He also had to color in the color chart to show what colors added together to make the secondary colors.

- Hint - at easter time, try this with leftover egg dye!

And now... off to soccer practice!
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