Saturday, May 13, 2017

Winter Wear Designs, Amuse Boho

We have been getting rid of a lot of "stuff" from our home lately, and one of the things that I have been doing is going through my wardrobe.   I found lots of things that were too old, too small, too worn, or that are just not flattering.    I also seem to have lots that is not really my style.    Recently, I got a couple new dresses and a top from a company called "Angie" which has a bohemian vibe that suits me perfectly.   

When I saw a request from Winter Wear Designs for the Amuse Boho Homecoming Tour, I knew I wanted to participate!   

I get fabric from thrift stores on occasion, and while I was there, I saw a stack of doilies that I thought would be a perfect detail to use for the front panel of the Amuse, to add to the bohemian vibe of my dress.   

This is what I started with.   

I cut out the front panel from the pattern and laid it over my doily, which was a little challenging because this particular doily does not lay flat!   

Pin it, and stitch all the way around.   I used pink thread because I am too lazy to switch thread colors so you can see it better.

This is what it looks like on the other side sewn.

Cut it out:

Use it as the outer fabric for the front panel

And here is what it looks like finished!     Not bad for $1 worth of materials!

This pattern is on sale through the 14th!    Get your Amuse Boho here and use code "AMUSEME" to get 20% off!   There are lots of options - optional back yoke, 2 sleeve lengths, 3 dress lengths, top and tunic lengths, and a straight or shirttail hem for all!  Best yet its super comfy for hot Florida summer.

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  1. love love love - the upcycled doilie is amazing!!! Thank you for being in the tour!!!