Friday, May 13, 2016

Viera Hospital Field Trip

Levi learned a lot on his field trip to Viera hospital today.   He was a bit apprehensive about going on this trip (worried about seeing blood!), but quickly realized that they weren't going to show him anything gross.    We had just a tiny group of 5 kids on this trip, but they split us into groups anyway.  

First, we looked at Radiology.   A teddy bear demonstrated how one gets an X-ray, and the kids even got to see what an X-ray of a bear looks like (he has some metal bits inside that showed up on the film).  


Checking out how the machine works...

They got to see real X-rays of people too, and were able to identify all of the "body parts" shown.  

After that, we saw the CT machine, and the bear demonstrated once more.

Next, they went to the ED, and looked at all of the equipment.   They were given hospital gowns to try on, tested the moving bed, the call buttons, and even the lights!   They also got their blood pressure and heart rate checked.  

There was a game of "who can put on the doctor gear the fastest"

Smurf hands!  

Lastly was the highlight of the experience, meeting the hospital's service dog Paco.   He comforts patients, but also has lots of training - he can pick things up off the floor, open doors and even get a bottle of water out of the refrigerator.

This is his "baseball card"

His handler "released" him so the kids could pet Paco.

And even check his heart beat along with some belly rubs!

The kids went home with a whole bunch of loot as well - a goodie bag, their doctor gear, a coloring book about nursing and even a pedometer!    It was a great experience and hopefully made the hospital seem a little less scary.    The staff was wonderful with the kids and complimented how smart homeschoolers were.    Thanks Viera Hospital!

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