Saturday, July 25, 2015

Junior Lifeguard Camp

Levi has spent a good part of his summer attending Junior Lifeguard camp through Space Coast Youth Multi-Sports.  It has been a wonderful experience for him, full of learning, friendships, hard-work, and lots of fun on the beach.   
The kids did lots of surfing, beach games, yoga, learned about water saving and recycling, did beach clean ups, learned CPR/First aid/Lifesaving,  running, swimming and paddling.

Beautiful beach where camp takes place

The kids did a lot of surfing, one of Levi's favorite camp activities.  

They learned how to do CPR (good thing, in case Levi ever needs to save my life!)

They played fun games....

Sack race

Beach flags -  I'm not sure I'm clear on how this one is played, but from what I gather, they lay on the beach, heads go up and down and at some point they hop up and run to grab flags.  The cap Levi has on is a lifeguard cap, look a bit silly but he doesn't mind!

Here, the kids learned how to put someone on a backboard while protecting their neck.   They learned lots of rescue skills. 

Practice rescues

And of course, one of the best parts was that Levi got to hang out with a great group of kids. 

Thank you Vanessa for organizing all of this and giving Levi a great summer!

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