Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fort Wilderness, the Wilderness Lodge, and more rocks!

Levi was invited to a bday party at the Disney campgrounds, so we spent the day there enjoying the area, and then having a great time at the party!    It was our first time there and we decided we would like to camp out sometime.     Even on a fun day out we managed to find some learning along the way.  

Boat ride

This guy posed for a picture! 

Levi LOVED playing dodge-ball.   A sport that combines my least favorite things to do - running around in hot sun while balls are being thrown at me.    I just watched.     Levi played the entire time they had a game going and had the "best time ever" according to him.     

We stayed for the camp fire, they had a sing-a-long, with marshmallow roasting (we brought our own allergy friendly/vegan ones).   They do a movie after but we left before it started.  

Sing-a-long face I guess?   

And Levi met his friend Dale.   

And here is where we found some rocks!     At the Wilderness Lodge, they have a display of a bunch of real rocks in a case:

And these rocks match up with rocks that are in layers of the Grand Canyon, which we had just been talking about.   
Even more fun was the giant fire place they have in the lobby next to this display.   It represents the layers of rock, just like a giant model of the Grand Canyon page Levi colored.        It was so big I couldn't get it all in the picture

So even at Disney, you can learn about rocks.  

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