Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dragon Festival

Levi and I went to a "Dragon Festival".   It was a medieval sort of event, with knights, jousting, fencing, and more!   Lots of fun for both of us.  

Jousting horse - the parent has to push, and the kid gets to ride and catch rings on the lance.  

Fencing, with a real mask, but a balloon target! 

Finding out how heavy chain mail is! 

Tiny head medieval guy

 This man wrote our names in fancy calligraphy, and then let Levi try, he was impressed with Levi's handwriting!  (wish he would write that nicely on schoolwork!).   He also gave us a demo of bagpipe playing.

This little piggy was barking like a dog, it didn't seem to mind all the kids petting it.

We went to three different shows, the first was a joust with King Arthur there to decide which knight would join his round table.   They had real armor on and everything.

 Purple guy - who was the good guy won!

The next show was hand to hand combat... it was very violent and we had to discuss the topic for a long time afterward.  I regret letting him see this show even though he enjoyed it. 

This was one of the knights, who organized the whole event.  Levi and his friend posed with him.  

The last show was done by children singing, and they invited the audience to participate.  Levi told me that he really liked dancing with everyone.  

We had to do jousting a few more times before they closed down...

And here is my little Dragon, in a mommy made Little Sewing Shop hoodie, complete with wings, dragon tail/spikes, and a dragon knight embroidery design.   I will post better pics of this once I can wrestle it away from him long enough to get some! 

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