Saturday, November 9, 2013

Halloween 2013

Here are some pics of Halloween 2013! 

Levi the decorator crab:

 Video for a 360 view

Boo at the Zoo.  This was the first year I got his costume done in time to go the first weekend!  He won 1st place in the costume contest, this is the 5th year in a row! 

Waiting for the results of the contest...

Winner!   He got a book and some craft supplies, a game and Mr. Potato Head- like pumpkin stick ins. 

In the dragon's nest

Another event, Owl-O-Ween.   Each treat station had something to learn about owls.  

Trick or Treating in Downtown Melbourne.

 Indialantic Fall Festival: 

I convinced him to go in the haunted house having heard it wasn't too scary but it was VERY scary though and he was terrified.   Poor guy. 

There was a fire truck there.  We met our neighbors at the event, and they talked to the firefighters with us, they asked a bunch of great questions so we learned a lot! 

Hay Ride

 They have a few games, and kids get a ticket for each.  1 ticket = 1 prize, all of which are toys (so good for Levi, because he can actually keep them!) 

Cocoa Halloween Event:

This event was $5 for a wrist-band good for all of the activities. When I went to pay, a guy who was buying tickets for his own kid paid for Levi's too!  Love random acts of kindness.

Giant hamster ball (good for hermit crabs too!)

Pumpkin decorating

Train ride

Pumpkin Patch!   We had such a hard time with pumpkins this year.  The ones at the pumpkin patch were either super expensive or rotten.   We ended up getting them last second from the pumpkin patch by our house, where they had a sign saying "take the icky's for free".  They were icky all right!  I found one that was sunken and wrinkled, but no gross bits (we were afraid to carve it though!).  Another I found had a hole in the back where it was rotten, but the inside wasn't rotten, so I snagged it.   Levi got a tiny pumpkin from Publix to carve, a pie pumpkin.   

Grossed out! 

Annual Halloween party!

The set up: 

Craft table (stickers, coloring book, paper, white paint/googly eyes for ghosts)

Nasty Pit, or Pit of Nastyness!
It includes: borax/glue slime, cornstarch/water slime, green hair gel with eyes in it, shaving cream, dyed pasta, agar agar (kinda like jello), cooked beans, old dates.  

A spot to sit the food table, and a reading area

Levi wanted a mad science lab, so this is what we came up with: 

 Inside we have a tornado tube, baking soda with liquid water coloring hidden in it, vinegar in a spray bottle, eye droppers, coffee filters, glitter, eyes, and a glow in the dark chalk kit. 

In action:

Annual attempt at a group photo (always funny to see!)

Trick or Treat! 

Levi collected 12lbs of candy, all of which we donated to the troops!  The dentist does a buy back program, and pays $1/lb + a light up tooth brush.  

(He said he would show his wallet instead of the cash)

We went to Barnes and Noble so he could spend his cash.  He chose a cursive handwriting book, a "Did you Know?" book and those annoying rubber bands for making bracelets (which he has really enjoyed making) 

And a random piece of art Levi made, using magazines for the face pieces.   

And thats it!   Happy Halloween!  

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