Thursday, October 24, 2013

Piagetian Conservation Tasks

One of my college classes is a "Child and Adolescent development for educators" class, and in the textbook, there was a section that showed examples of Piagetian Conservation tasks.  (conservation is the properties of an object).  
I remembered that we had done several of these "experiments" on Levi when my mom was taking a similar class, so I repeated them to compare.    These videos are a bit rough, but they are all done on the first try, no out takes!  

p.s. he is wearing the same shorts in both videos, I made them when he was 3, a little big to grow into, they are STILL a little big, they fit the same! 

Solid quantity - 2 balls of dough the same size/shape.  Roll one out, is it the same amount, or different? 
Solid Quantity, age 3

Solid Quantity, age 6

Liquid Quantity: Show 2 glasses with the same amount of water in each.  Pour one glass into a taller glass.  Is the amount of water the same?

Liquid Quantity age 3

Liquid Quantity age 6

Number:  Put out equal rows of objects.  Spread out one row  - does it have the same number, or different?  

Number, age 3

Number, age 6

Area:  Put out 2 pieces of paper, with 2 sets of squares covering the same area.  Spread out one set of squares - does it still cover the same area? 

Area, age 3

Area, age 6

Volume:  Put out 2 glasses with the same amount of water in each.  Drop a ball of clay in each, then remove.  Change the shape of one ball of clay, and drop them in again.  Did the water rise in the same way, or different?   (Note: at age 3 this experiment was done a little differently)

Volume, age 3

Volume age 6

It was very interesting to compare Levi at age 6 compared to age 3! 

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