Saturday, May 4, 2013

Viva Florida!

Viva Florida is the 500 year anniversary of Ponce de Leon's arrival in Florida.  As part of that, a replica tall ship, El Galeon, was in Port Canaveral, and we went to go see it! 

Even though its a Galleon, not a pirate ship, Levi insisted on a pirate costume.  I pulled out the knickers and shirt I made for his costume for our Disney cruise, but had to make the vest, belt and bandana because I couldn't find the other ones!   He also convinced his Nai Nai to make him a duck tape and newspaper sword.  I don't let him play with weapons, even toy ones, so this is headed for the recycle bin tonight.
Pirate face.

 Front of the Ship

Giant anchor



 Ship Info

 Ship's Wheel

 Looking Up

Levi, Buddy and Nai Nai

Levi really enjoyed checking out the ship, one more opportunity to step into history. 

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