Monday, March 5, 2012

I speak for the Trees!

First up is a fun, messy activity that is quick to set up.   All you need is some cornstarch, plastic containers, water, and some kind of brush.   Just put some corn starch in each container, and provide some water to add.   You can add food coloring too for a lesson in color mixing (and a surprise, put it under the cornstarch so you can't see it until the colors are mixed!  

If you only put a little water, you end up with "ooblek" which is a weird solid/liquid substance that is a fun sensory experience.  Add some more water and you've got chalk paint, perfect for decorating the driveway or even the mail box.  It washed away easily with the hose (or a little rain).  

In honer of Dr. Suess's birthday (March 2nd), we have been re-reading all of our Dr. Suess books.  Levi seems to love them all!   These books are a great opportunity to discuss rhyming words.   We made many lists of words like "rat, hat, cat, bat, sat, fat, that, mat".  There are also a lot of cute printables in Dr. Suess themed that were easy to pull out for Levi to work on independently. 

And after all of his hard work doing his assignments, we went to the premier of "The Lorax"!    Its a great move, kept the integrity of the story while adding more elements.  The Lorax is my favorite Dr. Suess book, and with the movie coming out, that inspired another outfit...

Tomorrow.. we work on another state for our postcard project!  We got postcards from 2 more people in the mail.   
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